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Helping our most 
vulnerable children

Los Angeles County receives over 20,000 reports of physical, mental and sexual abuse and severe neglect every year.

The Nicole Parker Foundation has raised over $700,000 dollars to support our deserving primary beneficiary the Audrey Hepburn CARES Center at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, which is a multifaceted multidisciplinary child protection program involving evaluation, treatment, prevention, education and research in the field of child maltreatment, and provides holistic comprehensive medical care and mental health services to this vulnerable population. 

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Through the Joel Price Law Enforcement Fund, the Foundation has helped create child-friendly spaces in local police stations and donated equipment and training to officers investigating crimes against children.  Read More


The success of our fundraising efforts depends on YOU and your continued support of the Nicole Parker Foundation for Children. 



Honoring Nicole

Nicole Parker, an 8-year-old Tarzana, California girl, disappeared on November 20, 1993, while playing with a softball and glove outside her father's Woodland Hills apartment. Her body was discovered stuffed in a suitcase in the bedroom closet of a neighbor's apartment across the courtyard.


Nicole's killer, age 23, was found guilty of sexually molesting and murdering Nicole and was sentenced to death. He now awaits his sentence at San Quentin Prison. Detective Joel Price of the LAPD, investigated the case and was critical in obtaining this conviction and was a founding member of the Nicole Parker Foundation for Children in 1994. 


In 2006, the Joel Price Law Enforcement Fund was created to honor Detective Price and support local law enforcement working for justice for our youngest and most vulnerable victims.

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